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Welcome to The International Association of Credit Engineers

You’ve discovered the secret pathway to the Three Steps to Wealth


The first step is to make sure your credit profile is what the banks want to see. Our credit repair partners are here to help you! If you have stumbled in the past and need assistance removing evidence of financial mistakes, we can point you in the direction of repair and repackage. Our partners are known for excellence in the industry, with more than 20 years experience in the communities they serve.


Step two is negotiation and funding. That is the specialty of The International Association of Credit Engineers! Our Funding Specialists have unique connections with Lenders who can attain huge amounts of credit capital for your purposes. These are not high-interest credit cards or payday loans; these are legitimate loan sources that are banks and credit unions!


Step Three is where you come in! The International Association of Credit Engineers, or IACE, provide you access to credit capital through our credit consulting services – capital that can be used to invest in any number of products, or to start a new or even grow an existing business. We can also point you in the direction of some very successful business models that you can duplicate to help you with business financing. If you are looking for sources of capital for entrepreneurs, The Credit Engineers will give you access to the level of capital that less than 1% of the world has access to. Our team of underwriters strategically put their network of lenders together in a manner that gives IACE the ability to connect you with, in some cases,10 times the value of the credit cards that you may have in your wallet right now!

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