Customer Experience & Approval Process

Become a Member For Our Credit Capital Solutions

What The International Association of Credit Engineers Can Do For You

The International Association of Credit Engineers offers two distinctly different customer experiences, for two totally different types of customers/clients. Entrepreneurs seek us out and join because, as a member, we have a dynamic and unique way of arranging LARGE volumes of credit capital to assist them in starting or growing a new business. For this credit consulting service, we charge a consulting fee that would be a percentage of the total loans achieved. We then have our other type of customer who would be an individual or entrepreneur looking for monthly cash flow. We take those individuals and offer them what we refer to as a credit capital solution. The customer that participates in a credit leasing program will receive monthly lease payments for use in their credit profile.

The International Association Of Credit Engineers can either provide business start up funding, and/or help you recapitalize and grow your existing business — or The International Association Of Credit Engineers can put you in a beneficial position with passive residual income based on the total credibility you have.

The entire process, from evaluation to satisfied client, will vary. Many of our clients are able to go through the credit program and become a benefiting customer in under four weeks. Those clients with any credit repair or income tax challenges could take up to six months.

The Ideal Client

The ideal client for IACE would be someone who has an income upwards of $80,000 annually and a credit score close to 800. In addition, this person should have a minimum of 4 actual credit lines or loans on his or her credit report.

So how does this work in terms of what you would go through as a customer? Let’s take a look at both paths of customer experience to be had. Right before we get to that let’s review what will be necessary for a customer to go through our review and qualification process. As the first step, a potential client would be instructed to go to www.experian.comand buy the TRI-MERGE Credit Reporting Package at $29.95 and get us access. If there are any challenges with setting up that account, the client may also use www.identityiq.com . This combined with his or her net income (line 37 at the bottom of their tax return on form 1040 page 1) off of their tax return is all that we require to do an in-depth assessment.

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